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I wore this most of the day (dry shampoo bottle). I drove around sitting on it and fucking it (for 1 1/2 hours total, probably) I just wanted it as deep as I could get it. I added the little deodorant after I visited my man (my pussy was so greedy). While I was driving (before I found the mini deodorant) I even shoved my fingers in with the bottle.

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After I visited my man (after I fucked the shampoo with the deodorant) I made my pussy stretch so fuckin far with this febreeze can. I love how wet I got and I even squirted after the second time I inserted it. After this I put the shampoo back in for the drive to the pet store where I bought 2 kongs :))

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Stuffing Submission! There’s a video coming for @sirdommaster this was a bit of a challenge and it stretched my pussy so far. Thank you for telling me to do this, I love being your dirty little stuffing slave :)

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My morning so far :)) (all the pictures are in order) had the shampoo bottle in my pussy while I got ready and was going to wear it during the drive to breakfast but cunt is so hungry this morning so I switched to the pink bottle for the drive (a lot of traffic). The one after the pink bottles is my gape when I got to breakfast and then I immediately shoved my kong in my greedy little pussy so I could be filled up during breakfast and let me tell you, walking feels amazing:)
Oh, with the kong I wore no panties and a skirt that flies up every time there’s even a little wind so some people may have seen my cunt all stuffed up :))
I have a stretching session with wants2fist in a little bit that I’m so excited about! There will be pictures of that later!

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The beginning of my training with wants2fist :) felt amazing! The first is my gape after taking out my kong before training started. Then master had me stretch my cunt hole open for a few minutes to stretch me out and my gape was soooo great after that :)) it made me so happy! Look how well my sweet little pussy is doing, guys :D

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All the pictures with my pink kong :) I love it, it can go so deep in my pussy so that I can’t even see it in my pussy. I love tightening my pussy to push it in deeper. I had to go to the smoke shop and I wore this while I went and squeezed it tighter and deeper into my dripping pussy. I felt like such a naughty little slave.

These are fantastic! What a great little slave she’d make!

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After I got used to the pink kong I fucked the black kong for my master and then used a closed fist to stretch my pussy (in and out 20 times for my master). I even squirted after fisting myself!
I have just set up my xhamster account so I’ll post videos on there once I get that organized.